Pillow Buckwheat

Eco Ergo Buckwheat Pillow with Removable Case Japanese Buckwheat Pillows * Malleable like a beanbag to so you can get just the right shape for your needs at the time. * Relieves pressure on vertebral disks and decompresses the spine. * Adjustable loft, buckwheat hulls can be added or removed. * Works for back sleeping OR side sleeping. Just reshape pillow by pushing it the way you want it when you shift positions. * Rectangular Buckwheat Pillow works excellent for side sleeping when folded in half. * No toxic offgassing. Breathable. Dust Free Buckwheat Hulls. * Sustainable Domestically produced crop with no chemicals or fumigation. * The outer cover is 100% organic cotton sateen. Sateen is very soft, 240 thread count, white fabric. The inner fabric is 100% organic cotton ticking. * Help alleviate back pain while sleeping or lounging and encourage an aligned body and restorative sleep.

organic Japanese buckwheat pillow
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